Del Mar Family Therapy

Del Mar Family Therapy

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What is therapy and how does it work?

Hi! My name is Debra Jedeikin. I am a Marriage, Family, and Child Psychotherapist in Del Mar, San Diego with a Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD) in Psychodynamic Child Psychology and Psychotherapy.

I work with individuals, couples, children and families.

Psychotherapy is the process of solving emotional problems by talking with a person professionally trained to help people achieve a more fulfilling individual life, marital relationship, or family relationships.

The process of psychotherapy begins by first clearly defining the problem, and then discussing your thoughts and feelings, understanding the origin of the difficulty and developing news skills and healthy attitudes about yourself and others.

You have the right to ask your therapist questions about her qualifications, background and orientation. The most important factor in the success of psychotherapy is good communication between therapist and patient.

I believe that the individual's journey in psychotherapy is as unique as the individual. I work collaboratively with my clients to make sense of their difficulties. In psychotherapy we work towards moving out of pain, depression and anxiety into emotional wellbeing, happiness and a fulfilling future.

I use a psychodynamic orientation and sand tray therapy to work through the family history and practical solution focused therapy including cognitive-behavioral strategies to help the person move forward.